ARTICLE 1. Name and Mission:

The St. Boniface Cemetery Association exists to assist our brothers and sisters in the time of death by carrying out the corporal work of mercy to bury the dead. The Code of Canon Law states(1240) #1. “Where possible, the Church is to have its own cemeteries or at least areas in civil cemeteries that are designated for the deceased members of the faithful and properly blessed. #2. If this cannot be achieved, however, then individual graves are to be blessed.”

The cemetery association exists to protect and foster the sacred character of the St. Boniface cemetery, assuring that remains a fitting place while the Church on Earth awaits the fulfillment of our hope in the general resurrection of the dead.

ARITCLE 2. Definitions

a. “assessment” means the annual fee required of each association member.
b. “association” means the Cemetery Association of St. Boniface, Koeltztown Cemetery Association as a membership group.
c. “Board” means the individuals chosen to serve according to the b-laws of the association in a leadership capacity.
d. “Conventional grave” means a site within the cemetery 5’ x 10’ for the interment of one human body.
e. “Cremation grave” means a site within the cemetery 2.5’ x 5’ for the interment of one cremate human remains.
f. “Dependent” means those living in the household of a registered association member who are:
1. Children 18 years of age and younger.
2. Older adult family members who receive more than 50% of their support from the Adult Parish Member.
g. “Household” means espoused family members and their dependent children.
h. “Association Member” means a member of a household that is a duly registered and dues paying member.
i. “Non-Member” is an individual who has never been a registered member of St. Boniface Parish, nor has been a duly registered and dues paying member  within the previous five years.
j. “Notification” means providing written notice to all members by confirmed electronic means or US postal mail.

ARTICLE 3. Membership

a. Any duly registered household belonging to St. Boniface Church, Koeltztown simply
becomes a member of the association by duly registering with the association and paying a full year of dues.
b. Former members of the parish who have continued to pay yearly dues and duly registered with the association are members of the association.
c. Former members of the parish who have lapsed in paying their cemetery dues may resume their membership in good standing by paying dues in arrears of $25 per year up to the amount of $500.
d. Non-Members may become Association members upon a one-time payment of $500.00 per household and one year dues up front for the current calendar year.

ARTICLE 4. Cemetery Association Board

a. A board of directors shall consist of four Association members duly elected by mail in ballot of all adult association members in July, and two ex-officio members who shall abe the parish council president and the canonical pastor of St. Boniface Church.
b. The term of a board member shall be for three years, renewable for one consecutive term.
c. The election of Board members should be staged so that two members stand for election each year.
d. The cemetery Association board shall meet at least twice a year, one meeting in the spring being a general, plenary association meeting where all members are encouraged to attend, and one meeting in the Fall after the election of its members to choose officers from its elected members and to set priorities and goals for the coming year.
1. Officers of the board shall be a president, vice-president and treasurer.
2. The Duties of the president shall be to chair association meetings and ensure the mission of the Cemetery Association is fulfilled. He shall be available as the contact for those association members in their time of need.
3. The duties of the vice-president are to communicate with association members, register association members, keep records of the activities of the board and the association and assist the president in his duties as necessary. The vice-president is also responsible for keeping a record of the disposition of the graves by updating the paper and electronic records. The vice-president shall serve as the recording secretary for Association and Board meetings.
4. The duties of the treasurer are to ensure there are sufficient funds to meet the yearly expenses incurred by the association, collect the yearly dues of the members, manage the day to day income and expenses of maintaining the cemetery, and provide a public record of the financial activities of the association. The treasurer shall supply the parish finance council with financial report in December and in June.
5. The board shall solicit bids for contracting lawn care each year according to a written and detailed plan for cemetery maintenance.

ARTICLE 5. Dues and Fees

a. Annual dues are assessed to each member household of $25.00.
b. There is no assessed charge for a grave to an Association member in good standing.
c. The cost of a single conventional grave to a non-member is $700.
d. The cost of a single cremation grave to a non-member is $300.
e. Dues and fees may be changed only at a yearly plenary meeting of the association upon due consideration and voting amend these by-laws.

ARTICLE 6. Reservation of Graves

a. Only those sites designated by the cemetery board may be reserved.
b. All reserved graves must be reserved for specific individuals by name.
c. No reserve graves may be transferred to another person without the expressed consent of the board and appropriate recording.
d. Association members may reserve one grave for a member of their household at no cost. Additional graves may be reserved at $100 per grave.
e. Non-members may reserve a grave at the cost of $200 per grave at the time of a purchase of a grave at a non-member fee.

ARTICLE 7. General Policies

a. In all matters not specifically covered by this constitution and by-laws, the cemetery board reserves the right to make cemetery related decision after due deliberation.
b. The cemetery Association shall publish a list of policies regarding the monuments, decorations, landscaping, and maintenance of the cemetery.
c. The Cemetery Association is part of St. Boniface Catholic Church and shall comply with the Code of canon Law regarding goods and properties of the Church and particular law of the Diocese of Jefferson City.
d. Changes to the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws are to proposed by the cemetery board and after due notification of the members, voted on at the plenary association meeting in the Spring.
e. This constitution and by-laws become effective upon approval of the parish council and vote of association members at the plenary meeting in Spring 2011.