The United States was not even 100 years old when the Community of St. Boniface first gathered together to celebrate the Eucharist. Lewis and Clark had opened the way west only some fifty years before. In the world of science, Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace presented papers on a new theory of how species came to be. The rail­road and the telegraph were uniting the country in new ways even as the issues that would divide the country in a few years were being debated by Lincoln and Douglas in our neighboring state of Illinois. Most significant, America was growing with the waves of immigrants from Europe. To a wilderness without roads, bridges, towns or houses, hundreds of German immigrants came to Osage County to bring farming, family and faith.

These three values were the founding values of St. Boniface Catholic Church. None would be possible without the other in the minds of the settlers. Our community would do well to recall how connected our ancestors were to the land, to their family and to each other as Church. While celebrating the rich traditions of the past, we can learn anew how so many people survived terrible hardship and indeed thrived while bringing civilization to this part of Missouri.

It is my prayer that as our parish continues to live out our own story, our faith in God’s bounty will be strengthened and our determination to respond as good stewards be more resolved. May we all see God’s grace unfolding in the fellowship we share as a faith community. May we continue to respond to God’s invitation to live out our lives in service of the Gospel and His Kingdom.


– Msgr. Marion J. Makarewicz