Building the Future Preserving the Past

The St Boniface Endowment Fund, Inc. was established in 2011 for the purpose of providing a means of funds to perpetuate the maintenance of the parish buildings, parish cemetery, and other general ministries of the parish. The St. Boniface Endowment Fund, Inc. is an independent, tax exempt, charitable foundation whose sole purpose is to provide support for the St. Boniface parish. The managing members consist of the pastor, a representative of the Parish Council, and three elected members. Contributions to the St. Boniface Endowment Fund are not intended to detract from weekly offerings, but rather to establish a long-term reserve to insure the future of our parish buildings and cemetery.

 Ways to Leave a Legacy

  • Cash Gifts:  Cash is one of the simplest ways you can make a lasting gift, while receiving a charitable income tax deduction. Checks can be made payable to St Boniface Endowment Fund, Inc. and mailed to: St. Boniface Endowment Fund, Inc., 177 K&C Lane, Koeltztown, MO., 65048
  • Securities:  Gifts of appreciated securities such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds may allow you to deduct their full market value as a charitable contribution.
  • Memorials:  The passing of a loved one is a meaningful occasion for making a lasting gift in his or her memory.
  • Bequests:  Gifts through a will or trust allow you to make a sizable contribution, while possibly saving estate taxes and not reducing your assets during your lifetime.
  • Real Estate:  A home, farm or other property can be deeded to the fund, and you may be able to deduct the fair market value as a charitable contribution. Furthermore, you can deed the property to the Fund now, while retaining the right to use it for the rest of your life.
  • Life Insurance:  Naming the Fund as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy allows you to make relatively modest contributions toward a large gift to benefit the Fund later.
  • Charitable Trust:  With an irrevocable, tax exempt trust you retain a fixed income from the trust, while transferring the remainder to the Fund.

When planning your gift, it is suggested that you seek the advice of your attorney or tax consultant.

The St. Boniface Endowment Fund, Inc. has been created as a means of support for our parish. All the money donated stays in the parish and is used within the parish.